Time is money on site and the less construction time taken the more cost effective the build will be. One of the main advantages which Litecrete panels offer over other building systems is speed of installation – usually several days for a typical 2-storey house.

Panel Installation

Intricate, architecturally designed houses will obviously take longer as there are often steel beams to be installed which can slow down the panel installation process. However, once the panels are installed the walls are virtually complete and only require decoration. Consider the following:


The site must have crane access. Access also required for a 13 metre truck and trailer unit.


Cranes are the most expensive pieces of equipment used during installation and it is important to plan ahead to optimise craneage time. The ground must have sufficient stability to support the weight of the crane/truck.

Typical Installation Methods

The panels sit in a 50 mm deep rebate which has been previously been cast in to the floor slab – see Detail D3(2) on Page 31 in the Litecrete catalogue. The panels sit on concrete footings below the floor level, prior to the floor slab being poured – Detail D3(3) on Page 32.