Building acoustics is the science of controlling noise in buildings, including the minimisation of noise transmission from one space to another and the control of noise levels and characteristics within a space.

The term “building acoustics” embraces sound insulation and sound absorption. The two functions are quite distinct and should not be confused. Noise has been defined as sound which is undesired by the recipient, but it is very subjective and it depends on the reactions of the individual. The best defence against noise must be to ensure that proper precautions are taken at the design stage and during construction of a building. This means that the correct acoustic climate must be provided in each space and that sound transmission levels are compatible with the usage.

The Litecrete Acoustic Wall system provides excellent sound insulation and meets the performance requirements of NZBC G6.3.1 for inter-tenancy walls. This approved acoustic system exceeds the Minimum Sound Transmission Class 55 when constructed in accordance with the details contained in the test report. Results of the tests conducted at University of Auckland Acoustic Test Centre by Marshall Day Acoustics are available from the Specifications page. Sound-rated wall systems ranging from low STC values (STC 47) up to STC 60 are available.