Litecrete residential wall panels have been developed to offer a durable alternative to traditional house construction methods. For the purposes of complying with the Building Code, they are classed as an “Alternative Solution”.

About the Product

Litecrete precast panels form an integral wall: solid, continuous and airtight. The panels are manufactured using pumice aggregate, which reduces the weight of the concrete yet achieves strength of 12 MPa. The air cells in the pumice provide excellent insulating properties.

Litecrete is manufactured under strict quality-controlled factory conditions and delivered to site on a day determined by the builder or project manager, who arrange for the craneage and installation.

Standard thicknesses are 220 mm, 280 mm and 330 mm to comply with the Code insulation requirements (for concrete and masonry) in the three designated Climate Zones. Other thicknesses can be manufactured, such as 150 mm thick for internal walls.

The panels have fully embedded reinforcing steel. As the external Litecrete walls are one solid component, not layers of products as typically used in a timber-framed walls, you will never, ever have a leaky home problem.


  • Design advantages; classic to contemporary; deep reveals around windows, doors
  • Noise reduction between rooms and between floor levels
  • Fire resistant, non-toxic, mould proof, mildew proof.
  • Rot-proof, strong, permanent
  • Built-in insulation ensures energy savings; warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Rapid installation; wall panels for a typical house could be installed in one or two days
  • Competitive with other similar building materials such as masonry
  • Provides a low humidity environment; ideal for people with respiratory problems such as asthma

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