Policy Last Updated: 29 November 2018

Wilco Precast Ltd is committed to providing a service and quality product to all our customers. We recognise that maintaining the highest possible standards of service and quality is a key management responsibility and a measure of our success as an organisation.

As Managing Director, I am responsible for the setting up and monitoring of processes to carry this out. It is also my duty its Managing Director to assign quality duties to Managers and Supervisors.

In fulfilling these aims, we recognise the value of consultation with employee and understand customer requirements and input to the processes and we are therefore committed to regular consultation with workers and customer in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

To support these commitments, Wilco Precast has chosen to align its Integrated Management Systems to conform with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2015.

Management will undertake regular assessments to identify the risks involved and set up control measures as necessary. In so doing, management will develop, monitor and modify as necessary all quality processes, considering all aspects of the workplace and customer needs.

The Integrated Management System is backed by a dedicated program of Continuous Improvement thinking of till processes, guided by a Managing Director for the adoption of a Continuous Improvement philosophy across the company,

Wilco Precast Ltd’s quality objectives are:

  • Establishing and agreeing expectations and quality needs
  • Providing products and services that meet requirements every time
  • Insisting upon defect prevention and process improvement at all times
  • Communicate and encouraging quality performance based on a team involvement, pride in workmanship and commitment to quality
  • Making process improvement a part of every job through use of team participation and measurement
  • Involve employees on continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System

All Wilco Precast employees apply their full support to this policy and commit to providing products and services, which will meet or exceed the expectations and needs of our customers.

Compliance with the requirements of the company’s Integrated Management Systems is mandatory for every Wilco Precast employee.

This policy is reviewed and evaluated on an annual basis.

Andrew Sinclair
Managing Director