Introducing Litecrete (NZ) Ltd

Litecrete (NZ) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilco Precast Ltd, Papakura ( the premier precast concrete manufacturer, which has been manufacturing precast concrete for over 50 years. Our products are supported by the services of knowledgeable in-house estimators, engineers, drafting staff and skilled manufacturing personnel. Litecrete precast components and systems are used for residential and commercial construction projects throughout the Greater Auckland, Northland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.

We are dedicated to maintaining our position as the only lightweight precast concrete manufacturer in New Zealand, offering innovative project applications, technical support and practical advice on the use of Litecrete lightweight concrete systems. Feel free to contact us for any lightweight precast concrete information that may assist you to achieve your building solution.

Wilco Precast is a founding member of Concrete NZ (the plant is Concrete NZ Certified). Wilco has also been assessed by Telarc Limited and has been found to operate a quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2015 and operate a health and safety management system conforming to ISO 45001:2018.

Key Personnel


Andrew Sinclair

Managing Director
Jamal Almulla

Jamal Almulla

Development Engineer
telarc registered
auckland rescue helicopter trust

What You Can Expect From Litecrete

We will tell you promptly whether we can assist you with your project or not. Usually the answer will be positive but if we are unable to assist for any reason we will let you know early.

If your project is not yet designed, is designed with concrete masonry or other materials and you would like to change, or is already designed but you want to check buildability or other features, then you can expect Litecrete to provide you with the input that you need. We see our role as providing solutions to your construction problems – solutions which Litecrete, with parent company Wilco Precast’s capability, is uniquely placed to provide. We don’t want you to use precast everywhere, only where it is the best way of building, so expect frank advice on whether there is a good precast solution or not.

When it comes time to price the precast component of your project you can expect Litecrete to give you a clear and complete offer which spells out inclusions and exclusions and the commercial terms of the offer.

There are two approaches to design and shop drawings. At Litecrete we believe that our experience should be put to use in the interest of all parties and so you can expect us to propose alternatives to architectural and engineering detailing where possible to improve buildability, durability and aesthetics. Our customers have the last say, but in working with Litecrete you will be offered choices.

The structural capabilities of all precast components offered by Litecrete should be verified by the project consulting engineers. Litecrete does not, therefore, offer to provide structural certification.

One of Litecrete’s great advantages as a Concrete NZ Certified plant is ensuring ongoing quality assurance and customer satisfaction. In an environment where employee turnover is minimal, many key employees have between 10 and 20 years experience. We have seen and solved just about every possible precast problem and this, combined with our modern quality assurance programme, ensures the best outcomes.

Delivering the product in full and on time is a critical phase of our customer service programme and we ensure that our interface with the site, transport providers and crane operators is as seamless as possible.