Litecrete load bearing wall panels are manufactured up to a maximum size of 8 metres x 3.8 metres subject to opening sizes for windows and doors. They can be designed for single-storey and two-storey houses.

How It Works

The panels are delivered on a truck and craned into place. And that’s it. No exterior timber framing; no insulation; no rot, mould or mildew. The interior and exterior faces of the panel can be painted, plastered or left as a natural concrete surface. Plasterboard can be glued directly to the internal face of the panel if required.


  • Large panel sizes mean rapid installation
  • Panels for a typical house could be installed in one or two days
  • Construction time is reduced
  • Installation unaffected by adverse weather
  • Safer environment; Litecrete is fire resistant, non-toxic, mould and mildew resistant
  • Exterior finishes to suit; fine or accented plaster; smooth or textured paint systems or natural concrete finish
  • Built-in insulation provided by the pumice aggregate ensures energy savings; warm in winter, cool in summer