Litecrete and Commercial Construction

Architects have chosen precast concrete for over 50 years because it offers exceptional versatility, speed of enclosure and durability. No other material gives architects and building owners such an array of exterior options, from economical and functional shapes to surface textures. Litecrete builds on traditional precast concrete advantages by offering a lightweight alternative in the form of load-bearing exterior and interior walls, firewalls, acoustic walls, vertical façade fins, and exterior cladding panels. The precast panels form an integral wall – solid, continuous and airtight. The pumice aggregate and the induced air entrainment in the cement matrix dramatically reduces the weight of the concrete yet achieves 12 MPa strength. Litecrete is manufactured under strict quality-controlled factory conditions.


  • Litecrete can give perceptive designers an edge in a very competitive market
  • Litecrete is competitive with similar building materials
  • Large, flat panel faces require minimal plaster finishing
  • Weight savings mean cost savings
  • Fire resistant, moisture resistant
  • Built-in thermal resistance provided by the pumice aggregate
  • Acoustic systems up to STC60
  • 40% lighter than regular precast; 1450 kg/m ³. Strength of 12 Mpa
  • Litecrete meets architects’, engineers’ and contractors’ concerns for durability, quality of construction, building with energy-saving products, as well as the projected future values of structures