The Litecrete Firewall System is based on a minimum 150mm thick lightweight concrete precast panel, with tongue and groove vertical joint between the panels.

The joints are sealed both sides with Sika Flamex PU sealant. Density of panels: 1550 kg/m3 at delivery; 1450 kg/m3 at 28 days; strength 12MPa. The lightweight concrete utilises pumice as the aggregate which, along with cement and polypropylene fibre, provides panels of exceptional fire resistance. During a fire the tiny polypropylene fibres within the concrete melt and provide conduits for any inherent moisture to escape, thereby preventing spalling (breakout) of the panels.

The Litecrete panel system, 150mm thick, has been tested by BRANZ (FR 3524) in accordance with AS 1530, Part 4:1997 and achieved the following load-bearing wall fire resistance ratings (FRR): Structural Adequacy 240 minutes no failure; Integrity 240 minutes no failure; Insulation 240 minutes no failure.

Benefits – Standard 150mm thick Litecrete Firewalls offer:

  • fire-resistance rating of 240/240/240
  • associated acoustic systems from STC 47 to STC 60
  • standard panels up to 7-8 metres high x 3.8 metres wide (other sizes based on design parameters)
  • rapid installation