Project Description

Architect: MRA Limited, Auckland
Structural Engineer: Franklin Consultants, Auckland
Builder: Brendo Enterprises, Whitianga

This Litecrete house is the first house in New Zealand where the structure is built entirely from concrete, and lightweight concrete at that.

  • Insitu concrete ground floor slab
  • Litecrete precast external and internal walls
  • Litecrete precast mid-floor panels
  • Litecrete precast roof panels

At 260 square metres of total floor area, with 5 double bedrooms, this 2-storey house is a weekend/holiday retreat catering to four family groups. The internal walls are plastered; exterior walls are painted, leaving the panel joints expressed.

The décor is fresh and modern, reflecting Coromandel’s laid-back marine environment.

Thermal mass provided by the concrete, built-in insulation from the Litecrete walls and double-glazed windows combine to provide an extremely energy-efficient dwelling which is warm in winter and cool in summer.